Best Home Security Cameras in Dubai 2023

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It’s amazing how far security cameras have advanced. Over the past years, bulky cameras are evolved into artificial eyeballs which we used to see in big commercial buildings and now they are more typically used in residential areas. More significantly, they now have extremely enhanced components. Here we provide you the list of best CCTV camera installations Dubai that will protect your house.

Security cameras now can distinguish between people and other moving objects, identify delivery parcels, and even identify individuals. To deter trespassers, some cameras can communicate. The most recent cameras even include radar technology, which allows you to see your house from above. 

Here Is The List Of Some Best Home Security Cameras in Dubai 2023:

Best Home Security Cameras in Dubai 2023
  1. SimpliCam

The SimpliCam is one of the best security cameras Dubai. It is a component of the SimpliSafe setup, and as you can see from our evaluation of this home security system, it’s also one of the simplest to install.


The SimpliCam is the same as other cameras. We set up the camera in a matter of minutes. Once everything was set up, we utilized the SimpliSafe app to watch live videos on our phones. We could even arm and deactivate the motion sensor of the camera there.

2. Lorex

Lorex has expertise in professional-grade security cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. The business’s 4K-resolution outside cameras are weatherproof and can record in full darkness.

Most of the Lorex camera types are burglar-proof. Additionally, Lorex cameras enable pan/zoom, geofencing, extra-long vision (depth of field), and two-way voice. 

3. ADT

ADT is also one of the best security cameras Dubai provides a video doorbell, an indoor camera, and an outside camera. Each of the three has two-way audio. Both the inside and outdoor cameras have 1080p HD resolution and video analysis tools that let them distinguish between important and insignificant events.

The most noteworthy aspect of these cameras is that they are a part of the ADT home security system. 

4. Wyze

Wyze manufactures some of the most reasonably priced indoor security cameras that can be used with a mobile app. Wyze is a very cost-effective home security system overall because motion-triggered events come with free cloud storage.

Wyze makes its cameras for do-it-yourself security. Geofencing (motion detection zones), Alexa compatibility, and the capacity to recognize particular frequencies are examples of special features. For instance, in reaction to a smoke alarm, the camera can deliver mobile warnings.

5. Nest Cam

There are three different Nest Cam models available: a plug-in indoor type, a battery-powered weatherproof variant, and a model with floodlights. There are both wired and wireless solutions for video doorbells.

These cameras all have similar basic functions like activity zones, motion detection, and human detection. Each can also be included in a Nest Aware subscription, which, at the top tier, offers cloud recording in addition to up to 10 days of continuous recording.

6. Zmodo

Zmodo offers a selection of smart doorbell cameras, indoor-only cameras, and weatherproof security cameras for do-it-yourself surveillance.

Although our friends employed the Zmodo video cameras to monitor their dependents, we chose these cameras to function as crime deterrents.

7. Swann

Swann only sells high-end indoor/outdoor cameras and video doorbells for independent surveillance. Swann cameras include long-range even at night, amazing color night vision, heat sensing, two-way conversation, floodlights, competitive pricing, and support for Alexa and Google Assistant. Swann security cameras can be stored locally or in the cloud.

Owners can save each footage for seven days if they have available local memory. Two days of free cloud storage per clip are also included with camera ownership.

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