10 Things Buying a CCTV Camera to Know Before

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CCTV cameras have developed substantially in the past decade. But in all right, these aren’t a part of everybody’s life. So, looking through the current CCTV technologies, factors, and sorts of CCTV cameras can stand intimidating. So, if you are looking for a CCTV camera installation Dubai, then there are so many things to consider before purchasing a CCTC camera. 

Here Know the Points to Remember Before Buying CCTV Camera 

Knowing What To Cover 

This can come as a surprise to you, but basically, it is generally the most frequent thing we encounter. There is a large number of angles and choices to cover but deciding what to cover truly is the basis of each factor of the system. With factors like ANPR, motion detection, night vision, and auto-tracking altering the cameras obtainable, determining what to cover must be constantly your first move when purchasing security cameras Dubai

External Influences & Location 

External influences can affect the effectiveness and layout of a camera heavily. When forming a camera solution this is vital to think about the possible external influences like the weather and the position of the system – things like sunlight can properly change where you install the camera, but so can the hazard of vandalism. 

What Design of Camera? 

There are so many designs of cameras beginning from Bullet Cameras to PTZ. There is a variety of options but how do you determine what is suitable for your requirements? Well, hopefully, you have recognized your hazards and outside influences, a few analyses of the distinct designs’ advantages and disadvantages must short it for you. 

Quality & Output Resolution 

So, you have determined what you want to capture and how far you’re from that object, now you have to comprehend what quality you require for your CCTV camera installation Dubai. With analog systems like Hikvision’s Turbo HD giving around 1080p, this can stand simple to be convinced, although, their IP resolution gives elsewhere from 1.2MP to 12MP so there are so many options. The very usual IP cameras for capital range and in case no existing analog cabling is in place, these are generally the finest option for value for money.  

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Lens Size & Sensor 

There’s a huge range of lens sizes from 2.8mm all the manner to insane focal lengths. Although, lens sizes aren’t directly comparable to one another because of distinct sensor sizes and qualities. In case you wish for a broad sector of view you can want to look at a 2.8mm camera, although it can mean compromising on the capability to recognize people and objects. 

Night Vision 

So now you have found the appropriate focal length to stand capable to recognize objects in the daytime, but you wish to utilize them at night time. Well here comes infrared methods. Several cameras on the market now give infrared ranges of elsewhere from 20m to also more than 200m. But not all of these are formed equally and can also enhance the price of the camera substantially so you truly require to think about what array you genuinely require. 


Storage is usually forgotten and is just recognized as a problem when you realize that the valuable footage you really have gone and is not coming again. At Liberty Computer System we utilize equipment to compute the amount of storage that is going to stand required although not everybody has reached to these and hence it is surely worth thinking about prior to purchasing security cameras in Dubai

Further Features 

Several camera resolutions give a vast array of factors. We suggest that you must constantly look at what factors you can want to utilize like remote viewing prior to buying any hardware as a few missing factors really can stand deal breakers. 

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