IT Solutions for Business Users in Dubai

IT Solutions for Business Users in Dubai

Liberty Computer System is one of the most reputable IT services companies in Dubai with a dedicated team that is led by a team of highly educated experts who are technologically adept and distinctly creative. The team is closely connected with clients and ensures top quality at every step. We provide full-service IT solutions for business users in Dubai to help our clients achieve their business goals using a streamlined and professional method.

We take care of your needs regarding a completely new office setup including electric cabling, network cabling, telephone system cabling, and CCTV camera installations / cabling in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and across UAE. Turn Key Basis Project Solutions.

Being among the most reputable IT companies in Dubai we can help our clients by providing IT solutions for business users in Dubai that are tailored to your specific business. Our standard and trusted team provide world-best services to our clients.

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IT Services Offered for Business Users:

  • Formatting of Desktop Computer / Business Laptops
  • Data Backup while Formatting the Desktop / Laptop
  • Complete New Office Setup [including electric cabling, network cabling, Telephone system cabling, CCTV camera installations/cabling]. Turn Key Basis Project Solutions
  • Networking setup (security setup, permissions setup etc.)
  • Server Installation, Configuration and complete setup.
  • Remote Access, Online Access of Servers/any particular computers etc.
  • Business on the Move: We setup your computer systems in a way you can easily access any information or control your office from anywhere even when you’re on move.
  • Remote Surveillance: We do setups for remote surveillance of computer systems, servers, and/or any other devices in your office. This includes full monitoring to exceptions reporting all kind of features.
  • Setup, installation of network printers / other network devices (wired or wireless sharing of various devices e.g. printers, scanners, plotters etc.).
  • Setup of various scheduled tasks e.g. Data Backups etc. on the network.
  • We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for companies at competitive prices with dedicated service engineers [Please call us for more details].
  • Virus Removal
  • Installation / Subscription of Anti-virus Software
  • Installation / Subscription of Internet Security Software
  • Upgrade of Display / Graphic Card (Desktop/Laptop)
  • Upgrade of RAM
  • Repairs of Laptop Screens / LCD Monitors Screens
  • Repairs / replacement of Power Supply Units [SMPS]
  • Repairs, replacement, upgrade of CD/DVD/BD drives of Desktop/Laptops
  • Repairs, replacement, upgrade of all types of PCI slots/cards, for audio, video, TV Tuners, Parallel Ports, Wireless Ports (devices), additional USB ports, telephone modems, etc.
  • Internet Wireless: setup/repairs
  • Sales of New Laptops and Desktops Computers, LCD Monitors
  • Sales of all type of Computer accessories: Headphones, earphones, card readers, USB Hubs, webcams, speakers, keyboards, mouse, etc.
  • Sales of all type of routers/wireless devices.

Why Liberty Computer System?

Liberty Computer System is one of the reputed IT solutions companies in Dubai that gives IT solutions for business users in Dubai. Our highly proficient and experienced engineers can assist your team with tasks like the IT AMC, Network & cabling, and more.

As an innovative service provider, we offer tailored solutions that address the requirements of a variety of customers by utilizing fresh ideas and an innovative approach to IT management. Some customers' objective is to solve IT issues they've experienced and for others, they might require more sophisticated tools to enable them to achieve new levels of efficiency, for example, a shift to cloud computing. Additionally, we recognize that customers have different priorities and needs.

That's why Liberty Computer System, the best IT Solutions Dubai is keen to work closely with them in order to comprehend the requirements of our clients and offer assistance and advice, and IT solutions for business users in Dubai.

Liberty Computer System is the result of the conceptualization process and three years of intense labor by an entrepreneurial group made up of youngsters. Depending on the concept of giving the most reasonable services to medium and small size industries and businesses.

Our company is managed by highly skilled personnel. Our Managing Director is a Microsoft Certified Professional with more than 10 years of working experience in the field of System Troubleshooting, Networking, etc. with an education from the department of Computer Software & Systems.

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