IP Telephony Solutions in Dubai

IP Telephony Solutions in Dubai

IP telephone is a general term for the technologies that utilize internet protocols to transmit digital signals on the internet to make capable telephone conversations. All you require is an internet connection and a one-time download of an application into your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Liberty Computer System gives protected, trusted, scalable IP telephony solutions in Dubai that avail the benefit of your LAN and WAB. We assist you to enhance worker efficiency through integration with inventive apps.

Distinction Between IP Telephones and The Analog Phones

Analog phones are simple and affordable. But to a similar effect, they can stand limited in their potential. While they hold the norm factors such as hold, redial, mute, and speed dial, this is tough to add features as they are hardware based.

IP phones are depending on internet protocol and can operate whenever or where ever there's an internet connection. The upside is that it can create the system operate quicker. Studying your business and personnel requirements for telecommunications methods would assist you in better identifying which method is appropriate for you. In case you're not sure and require general support, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would advise you on the appropriate solution.

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Why IP Telephony is required for your Business in UAE?

IT telephony solutions in Dubai with their multi-party calling abilities give different advantages and additional abilities to conventional phones. IP phone systems have no such limitations. In case a business requires to add another phone line, all they have to do is add an IP phone to their router, and no need to stress about the price of an extra phone line.

Current statistics present that the corporations that moved toward IP and VoIP systems save around 90% on their telephone charges. Even big giants across the world AT&T, Facebook, Google, and other telecommunication, SaaS, and application providers are all shifting towards this telephone system as the norm forum for transmitting data.

For corporations that require IP telephones, unified interactions, more modern amenities, and committed support, our staff can assist you with the appropriate cost. Liberty Computer System has a team of specialists with professional knowledge about IT telephony system infrastructure they would stand with you each move of the manner and make sure that the move to the IP telephone is smooth.

Advantages of IP Telephony

  • By utilizing IP telephony solutions in Dubai in your venture rather than conventional phone gadgets, corporations can utilize their internet connection to create phone calls with clients and consumers. This technique assists business people in decreasing their functional expenses and phone call charges.
  • You are even able to incorporate your IP telephony with telepresence technology to get not just the phone but even video calls.
  • IP telephony means modernity in telecommunications methods because it permits the intersection of different methods into one. By using IP telephony solutions in Dubai, you can merge data from your CRM, helpdesk, e-commerce, and accounting solutions in a single unified method means call center software. By integrating, you make the probable for enhanced worker efficiency and enhanced interactions with your clients.
  • IP phone services are very simple to incorporate into the running infrastructure of the business. With IP phone services, faxes can stand sent by email, and credit card data is sent via a quicker network.
  • Conferencing ability is factored into the cost of the IP phone service, unlike conventional landline systems. With conventional landline phones, the conferencing ability is usually an extra service that prices additional. IP phones give video conferencing ability and give clearer images than conventional video conferencing ways

Why Choose Liberty Computer System for IP Telephony Solutions?

Liberty Computer System is one of the major IP telephony solutions providers in Dubai, UAE that gives a full array of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud IP telephony solutions from industry-leading manufacturers. We would research your recent PBX infrastructure and help you in setting up an IP telephony solution that provides you a competitive edge today while offering you the equipment required to scale for tomorrow. Do not think twice, contact us now to start your upgrade to an IP telephony system.

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