IP PABX System Installation Dubai

IP PABX System Installation Dubai

IP PBX  is a technology that is widely used in the telecommunication industry. It is also known as IP-based private branch exchange or IP-PBX. It is considered the next generation of traditional phone systems and has many benefits over them. It allows you to have multiple extensions in your office that different people can use simultaneously.

The IP PBX system consists of several components: a router, an IP phone, a server, a network switch, and IP PBX software. IP PABX system installation  allows you to make calls from any extension or workstation in your office while providing enhanced features like call forwarding, unified messaging, voicemail, etc.

LIBERTY SECURITY SYSTEM L.L.C provides ip pbx system and pabx system installation in Dubai. We are providing IP pbx installation services to enterprises since 2008  with all types of PBX Brands like  Grandstream, Panasonic, Cisco, Yealink. Polycom, Vtech, Linksys, D-Link, Fanvil, Huawei, Polycom, AVAYA, NEC, Alcatel  and many more. 

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Top Trending IP PBX Systems in Dubai

Cisco PBX Dubai

Cisco PBX is the easiest way to change from old telephone systems to unified communications and collaboration in your organization’s branch unit. Cisco PBX is an easy to customize branch solution that is cost-effective, easy to deploy, and scalable.

Avaya IP office

An all-in-one communication solution, Avaya IP Office meets the communications challenges of small and medium-sized businesses, enabling home offices, standalone businesses and networked branch and head offices to work together.

Panasonic - Hybrid IP PBX system

Products from Panasonic PBX include communication solutions for offices that are of high quality and adaptable. The Hybrid IP PBX system is simple to use even if you don't have a lot of experience with IP, in keeping with Panasonic's commitment to user-friendly operation. In today's Converged Networking era, Panasonic's Hybrid IP PBX system is a powerful communications tool designed to support businesses.


The best selection of telephone systems is provided by the nec PBX. Your team would be able to work more efficiently and your business could benefit greatly from this telephone system.

Yeastar MyPbx IP Phone System

It is an effective hybrid IP PBX telephone system for offices, institutions, and other small and medium-sized businesses. GSM lines, analog public internal connections, and ISDN BRI or PRI connections will all be supported by IP pbx.

D-Link's Network Telephone Pbx Systems

SIP-based Network Telephone Pbx Systems from D-Link meets the needs of small, medium, and large businesses for VoIP communication. Call Server, IVR/Auto-Attendant, and Voice Mail are built-in features.

IP PABX System Installation in Dubai, UAE

Cisco SIP IP phones

The Cisco SPA500 Series SIP IP Phones are stylish, dependable, and reasonably priced. They are intuitive and simple to use, and they provide an excellent user experience with wideband audio. Cisco Small Business SPA500 Series SIP IP Phones simplify and enhance communications. Each employee can benefit from these phones' features.

Fanvil SIP IP phones

VoIP products are developed and manufactured by Fanvil UK Limited and Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. Fanvil develops VoIP communication device solutions for both large, mission-critical enterprise environments and smaller, medium-sized businesses.

Polycom IP Phones and Conference

The high-fidelity of Polycom's enterprise-grade telephones makes it sound like you are in the same room, are simple to use, and integrate with your current communication environment. Polycom voice solutions keep you connected and productive anywhere, from the boardroom to the desktop or anywhere in between.

The Advantages of Using An IP PBX System in Dubai

Cost-effective and scalable: IP PBX systems are cost-effective compared to traditional phone systems due to lower hardware requirements and fewer maintenance costs. They can be scaled up quickly without additional hardware investment as they use VoIP technology.

Easier management: You do not need technical expertise to manage an IP PBX Dubai system. It can be controlled remotely using an interface such as Microsoft Outlook by using your service provider's Unified Communications Manager application. This enables you to monitor calls or view call details at any time from anywhere

Faster setup time: Traditional PBX systems require configuration on each phone and on each computer that needs to be connected to it. With IP PBX, all design is done from a single location which makes setup much faster than traditional systems where each piece must be configured individually before being connected.

Mobility: With an IP PBX system Dubai, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world using your computer, tablet, or smartphone as long as you have an internet connection.

Improved security and reliability: IP PBX systems provide better security than analog systems because they don't use phone lines for data transfer or voice communication. This means there's no risk of eavesdropping or hacking threats like there is with an analog system. In addition, if one part of your network goes down or fails, it won't affect other parts of the web like it would with an analog system where each piece has to work together seamlessly for calls to go through properly.

Access Control and  PABX Telephone Systems

  • Video Door Phones
  • Face ID
  • Exit Push Systems
  • Strike Lock Systems
  • Drop Bolt Systems
  • Electromagnetic Lock Systems
  • Proximity Card Systems
  • Time & Attendance Systems [Bio Metric: e.g. Finger Prints]
  • Bio Metric Access Control Systems
  • RFID Based Time & Attendance Systems
  • RFID Access Control Systems
  • Access/ID Card Printing Solutions

PABX Telephone Systems

  • Panasonic PABX Telephone Systems
  • NEC PABX Telephone Systems
  • Alcatel – Lucent Systems
  • AVAYA Systems


At LIBERTY SECURITY SYSTEM L.L.C, we understand that the IP PABX installation Dubai is a complex system. This is why we focus on providing solutions that solve real-world problems. Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers has years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining different types of PBX systems. LIBERTY SECURITY SYSTEM L.L.C provides solutions for all your telecommunication needs, including business phone systems, VoIP phone systems, and accessories.

As a leading IP PABX system installation Dubai, LIBERTY SECURITY SYSTEM L.L.C offers services to companies that need a reliable communication solution at an affordable cost. We offer a full range of communication solutions, including PABX system installation Dubai, VOIP phone systems, wireless communications solutions, PABX Installation Dubai, etc.

When you choose LIBERTY SECURITY SYSTEM L.L.C for your business phone system needs, you can rest assured that you're getting a reliable service from a quality company with knowledgeable technicians who will guide you through the process from beginning to end. Our team is committed to providing high-quality service at affordable rates.

FAQs Related to IP PABX System Installation Dubai

Private branch exchange is an integrated system of automatic telephone exchange or switchboard that performs the connection between a private telephone network and the public telephone network. The PBX provides selective routing, which means that it can connect one or more lines to other lines based on its configuration. EPABX is a system of telephones and interconnecting lines inside an office that enables internal calls between office phones without going through the public switch telephone network. The PBX is a private branch exchange or a private telephone system. It allows multiple users to make calls simultaneously, allowing them to have their phone numbers. An EPABX is an extension phone available in an office building that can be used by the people who work there. It's usually located inside their office, so it's easy for employees to answer calls without leaving their desks or getting up from their computers.
LIBERTY SECURITY SYSTEM L.L.C can install the PBX phone system for your business. We are a certified VoIP provider and have installed VoIP systems. Our technicians will come out to your location, install the equipment and configure it to work with your existing network. We have also installed many of our competitor's products in the past, so we are familiar with them. We know that many different brands of PBX phone systems are available on the market today, but they all have one thing in common; they need to be installed correctly by an experienced technician to work correctly. We understand that every business is different—that's why we offer a range of options and solutions to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for a simple voice over IP (VoIP) solution or something more advanced that provides additional features like voicemail, call routing, and extensions, etc.

1. Cisco

Cisco has been a leader in the PBX market for decades and is still one of the most popular choices for businesses. They offer a wide range of PBX options, including cloud-based services, self-managed systems, etc.

2. Avaya

The Avaya brand is also one of the most famous names for telecommunication equipment and networking solutions.

3. Panasonic

Panasonic provides a wide range of telephony solutions for businesses, including IP phones, voice mail systems and other communication devices.

4. Mitel

Mitel Networks Corporation offers a wide range of products like VoIP phones, PBX systems, unified messaging platforms, etc., which are highly reliable and easy-to-use communication tools!

5. Nortel Networks

Nortel Networks is an established brand for providing high-quality business PBX systems. The Nortel brand has been recognized as a leader in telecommunications equipment.

PBX is a telephone system that allows an organization to have multiple extensions and use a single telephone number. PBX systems are usually located in a private office or small business, where only the users on the system can make and receive calls. A PBX system can be as small as three lines or hundreds. A PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) is a telephone switchboard that provides connections between users within an organization and provides connections to those outside the organization, such as customers or suppliers. Although PABXs can be connected to the public network, they are generally used for internal purposes only and do not offer public call routing facilities.
Hosted PBX providers' pricing structures vary widely. In general, however, the more features you get, the more expensive the service. For example, some providers offer "unlimited" calling plans that charge higher rates for international calls or cheaper domestic calls. Other providers offer flat-rate plans with unlimited calling to domestic and international numbers. Hosted PBX providers also charge extra fees for additional features such as voicemail transcription (which converts voicemails into text), fax-to-email capabilities or call forwarding to mobile phones or landlines outside of your office's local area code. Some providers offer discounts if you purchase multiple lines or services at once; others offer promotional rates.

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