Hotel and Hospitality Users

Hotel and Hospitality Users

Liberty Computer System can provide you with rapid, secure and reliable IT solutions for hospitality. The integrated solutions for hospitality IT will help improve the efficiency of your team to provide consistently high-quality guest services which result in positive reviews and increased loyalty to your customers.

The customer experience you provide your guests directly impacts your ability to create a high-performing and profitable hotel business. Our experienced staff at Liberty Computer System know your industry and understand what is required to make you stand out over your competition and increase revenue, while also increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk.

Liberty's IT Infrastructure Services can help you. Our experts will ensure that each router, switch, server and telephone system that is installed at your site is installed in a proper way, that is flawless and professional. We provide hotel rooms access card systems along with hotel interactive TV, IPTV solutions, lobby, and waiting area solutions.

Liberty Computer System is a company that values customer satisfaction. we ensure that your satisfaction with our customers is very important to us and we make sure that no stone is left unturned to provide them with the highest quality of services.

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IT Services Offered for Hotel and Hospitality Users:

  • Power & Media Connection Systems
  • Flip opening (flexible audio, data and power connections)
  • Pull through cable manager (for hotel rooms)
  • Media Hub (for switching TV signal in Entertainment System)
  • Bluetooth Media Hub for Hotels
  • Data Gourmet Switch / Hubs
  • I-phone dock stations
  • Lobby & Waiting Area Solutions (for modern power, data & media centres)
  • Conference System Managers: Blinds, A/C, AV, Power, Data & Media management from one unique intuitive user interface.
  • Hotel Port Gold
  • Retractable Cable Spooler
  • Hotel interactive TV, IPTV solutions
  • SMART mirror systems (combining mirror & display functionalities).
  • Multi touch interactive touch screen tables
  • Hotel Rooms access card systems
  • System integration services
  • VOD & Room entertainment Systems
  • Room / Desk telecom products & services
  • E-concierge products & services
  • Complete Hotel surveillance products & services
  • Hotel Common Announcement Systems
  • Setup, installation of network printers / other network devices (wired or wireless sharing of various devices e.g. printers, scanners, plotters etc.).
  • Setup of various scheduled tasks e.g. Data Backups etc. on the network.
  • We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for companies at competitive prices with dedicated service engineers [Please call us for more details].
  • Virus Removal and Installation / Subscription of Internet Security Software
  • Repairs / replacement of Power Supply Units [SMPS]
  • Repairs, replacement, upgrade of all types of PCI slots/cards, for audio, video, TV Tuners, Parallel Ports, Wireless Ports (devices), additional USB ports, telephone modems, etc.
  • Internet Wireless: setup/repairs
  • Sales of New Desktops Computers, LCD Monitors
  • Sales of all type of routers/wireless devices.

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