What Is IP PBX & How Is It Different From Traditional PBX?

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Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is referred to as IP PBX. Any PBX telephone system that is configured to handle calls to and from IP phones over the internet is considered an IP PBX . Calls are placed utilizing an internet connection in IP telephony.

For incoming and outgoing business phone calls, a PBX, which is essentially your internal corporate telephone network, serves as a form of gateway. A PBX can be installed locally or hosted by a VoIP provider. 

The IP PBX’s primary function is to manage call traffic to and from commercial locations as well as internal communications over the company’s telephone network. An IP PBX system allows users to share numerous phone lines and exchange calls with other VoIP (voice over internet protocol) users.

An IP PBX system may switch calls between VoIP users and users of traditional telephones, just like its legacy relative. 

One of the key advantages of an IP-based phone system over a traditional PBX, which required separate voice and data networks, is that it leverages converged voice and data networks.

Businesses employing an IP solution have more agility, flexibility, and growth prospects because internet access, voice conversations, and other VoIP communication channels are integrated in a single system. 

Benefits of Traditional PBX System

Benefits of Traditional PBX System
  1. Internal Communications

A PBX system would route the call internally, completely avoiding the building. With a typical direct line system, adding a few extra phones causes the intricacy of several phone lines to soon become unmanageable – and expensive.

It’s important to keep in mind that PBX phone systems are available for small businesses, even though you might be worried about the cost of a private telephone exchange. These advantages are accessible without spending money on an expensive, sophisticated business phone system. 

2.   Centralized Control

A help desk feature on a PBX phone system might let you use a single number to answer all calls made to the many phones in your company. That is, you may list one phone number in directories or advertisements rather than a long list of several ones.

3.   Automation

The absence of a receptionist is one advantage of a PBX phone system. To avoid what would otherwise be a time-consuming menu process, PBX auto attendants typically allow callers to provide an extension number. 

4.   Flexible Call Routing

If a crucial person, like a sales manager, leaves their desk, you can set up a number of backup routings since calls can be routed. For instance, the call will be routed to a different sales rep. You can use these options to prevent important customer calls from going to voicemail or going unanswered. 

Benefits of IP PBX System

  1. Mobile Device Integration

You can place and receive calls on your mobile device using the same phone number as your desk phone by using IP-PBX. Installing a mobile application that is fully integrated with the IP PBX system at your firm makes this possible.

2.   Scalability

The scalability of your firm is guaranteed by online management and the elimination of user license fees. Additionally, from a contractual, management, or financial standpoint, adding lines or features does not incur any additional costs as your user base and feature requirements grow. 

3.   Hot Desking

The ability for numerous users to share a single workstation is known as hot desking. Users can log in and use the desk phone’s extension even though it is permanently attached to a hot desk.

IP PBX system Dubai makes it simple to accomplish this. A user can also physically move their desk phone, plug it in, and continue using it as usual after unplugging it.

4.   Easy Setup

IT administrators are extremely pleased with how simple it is to configure IP-PBX systems. An IP-PBX can be set up by non-technical employees like office managers or administrative assistants.

Because the IP-PBX is internet-based, the setup procedure is also carried out online. The web interface enables the recording of logical menu welcomes, extensions, and hunt groups. 

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