5 Different Types of PBX Phone Systems 

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The virtual PBX phone system has developed quickly over the last few years in Dubai and other places. No surprise, every medium and extensive venture is initiated to use the control of PBX. As this is with all the other equipment, Dubai ventures have to ensure the IP PBX phone systems that they are executing at their end precisely complete all their needs. Several kinds of PBX ventures must think about adjusting but not all kinds would complete the requirement. 

PBX Phone Systems 
PBX Phone Systems 

Here Know the Different Types of PBX Phone Systems 

  1. Legacy PBX 

Conventional IP PBX is a highly old framework of has many phone lines split into many extensions. Dubai ventures in the old days used to utilize this technology to hold interaction activities. the PBX system needs maintenance after the mentioned duration to ensure maximum productivity. This method also arrives with the formation amount and maintains you depend on the external firm for enhancement.  

  • On-Premise PBX 

As the name shows, the on-premise IP PBX  has to be established in the business areas. The on-premise PBX system also must commit wiring of the phone that is solely sustained by a seasoned PBX professional. On-premise PBX utilizes Public Switched Telephone Network and involves services digital network techniques to link to the telephone cables. 

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  • Hybrid PBX 

Hybrid PBX is an adorable area in the heritage and on-premise PBX. This permits ventures to utilize VoIP on their traditional PBX. A hybrid PBX system utilizes both PSTN and a session-based protocol to carry on interaction with the external world. The very crucial benefit of Hybrid PBX is the adaptability it gives. This holds the capability to move to the other network whenever there’s a problem with the heritage PBX and VoIP networks. 

This is also worth mentioning that Hybrid PBX is greatly useful for remote offices in Dubai. You do not have to make payment of an extra fee as the call from one of your offices to the next must not be indictable. Formerly, ventures used to utilize cordless devices to attach straight to this IP PBX. 

The prime disadvantage of Hybrid PBX is the fee. Not all ventures can afford to use and sustain on-premise IP PBX Dubai to utilize a complete fledge Hybrid PBX. Hybrid PBXs cost thousands of dollars to place and still require more capital to maintain.

  • Hosted PBX 

Hosted PBX is a kind of virtual PBX where PBX service is given utilizing existing broadband service. There is no physical machine formed in this installation. It also means that you are required to deploy or install any external hardware or software to carry out venture interaction. 

In this PBX, no telephone cables are included and the whole interaction takes place utilizing the SIP boxes technique. You only have to hold a few pre-configured IP systems. Once linked to your broadband, Hosted PBX utilizes your internet to drive and handle calls and give venture-level PBX service. 

  • Cloud PBX 

Cloud is the most developed PBX system obtainable out there. You acquire proper management over managing all your PBX moves with this system of cloud PBX. Standing as a virtual PBX, this permits ventures to overcome area and cost constraints. This assists you to connect all your gadgets to a cloud-based IP PBX system. In addition, you get to count entire customizations and combine your design with SMS and other necessary assistance utilizing the intersection application schedule. 

Cloud PBX also utilizes VoIP and should be linked to the network connection every time properly to ensure the ideal active duration. Cloud PBX is the technique of the future where all the matter is completed from your computer and you do not need to trust external assistance. All the upgrade actions can effortlessly take place on the internet without harming your data and facing any technical issues. 

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