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Services Offered for Home Users:

Home Users
  • Formatting of Desktop Computer
  • Formatting of Personal Laptop
  • Data Backup while Formatting the Desktop / Laptop
  • Virus Removal
  • Installation / Subscription of Anti-virus Software
  • Installation / Subscription of Internet Security Software
  • Upgrade of Hard Disk size
  • Upgrade of Display / Graphic Card (Desktop/Laptop)
  • Upgrade of RAM
  • Repairs of Laptop Screens / LCD Monitors Screens
  • Repairs / replacement of Power Supply Units [SMPS]
  • Repairs, replacement, upgrade of CD/DVD/BD drives of Desktop/Laptops
  • Repairs, replacement, upgrade of all types of PCI slots/cards, for audio, video, TV Tuners, Parallel Ports, Wireless Ports (devices), additional USB ports, telephone modems, etc
  • Home Internet Wireless: setup/repairs
  • Convert Computer Screens to TV
  • Media Hard Disks to watch/store movies, music, pictures
  • Gaming Accessories, devices: special motherboards, joysticks, display cards etc. upgrade, installation for advanced gaming experience
  • Sales of New, Refurbished & Used Laptops
  • Sales of New and used Desktops Computers, LCD Monitors
  • Sales of all type of Computer accessories: Headphones, earphones, card readers, USB Hubs,webcams, speakers, keyboards, mouse, etc
  • Sales of all type of routers/wireless devices
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