RTX Phone System

rtx phone system

The demand for cordless system solutions is rising, with DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology leading the way. Ideal for hospitality, warehouse management, hotels, and small to medium businesses, DECT offers impressive performance and efficiency. With its short-range capabilities, DECT serves as an access mechanism to main networks and connects seamlessly to IP PBX systems. Choosing the right DECT/Cordless phones from a diverse range can be challenging, but we're here to help you make the best selection.

RTX Dect Wireless/Cordless Telephone system

Experience enhanced productivity and reliability with RTX Dect Wireless/Cordless Telephone system. Ideal for small and medium enterprises, RTX delivers exceptional performance and complete solutions. Benefit from wideband audio functionality, seamless delivery, repeater support, and superior audio quality. Unlock scalability and elevate communication capabilities with RTX Dect phones.

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The features of RTX Dect handsets

The RTX Dect handsets offer a range of impressive features that enhance the communication experience -

  • Noise Reduction-
  • Enjoy crystal-clear conversations with noise reduction technology, which filters out background noise for improved call quality.

  • Shockproof-
  • Designed to withstand rugged environments, the handsets are shockproof, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • High-Definition Audio Support-
  • Experience exceptional audio quality with high-definition support, providing clear and immersive sound during calls.

  • Wideband Speaker Phone (RTX840 SIP Cordless set)-
  • The RTX840 SIP Cordless set includes a wideband speakerphone, allowing for hands-free communication with enhanced sound clarity.

  • Vibrator-
  • Stay alerted to incoming calls or messages with the handset's built-in vibrator, ensuring you never miss an important communication.

  • Phone Book-
  • Easily store and access contacts with the phone book feature, enabling quick dialing and convenient access to essential contacts.

  • Software Upgrade-
  • Keep your handset up-to-date with the ability to perform software upgrades, ensuring you have the latest features and improvements.

  • Handover Support (external/internal)-
  • Seamlessly transitions calls between base stations or internal handsets, enabling uninterrupted communication while moving within the coverage area.

  • Caller ID-
  • Identify incoming calls with Caller ID functionality, allowing you to screen calls and prioritize your communication effectively.

Finding RTX Phone System

Experience the power and reliability of our straightforward and robust IP solutions. We at Liberty Computer System provide comprehensive cordless solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Our expert team handles every aspect, from pre-emptive identification to planning, analysis, and deployment of the system. With flexibility at its core, our solutions are easily upgradeable to adapt to your evolving needs. Trust us to deliver extreme performance and excellent results for your business.

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