IT Support AMC Dubai | Sharjah

IT Support AMC Dubai | Sharjah

Depending on customer requirements; we offer various standard and custom made “Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)”. Few highlights of wide range of services offered under AMC are as follows:

  • n-site Comprehensive Service & Maintenance Agreement:
    • Corrective & Preventive Maintenance of Desktops, Laptops, Monitors, Printers, etc. computer peripherals
    • Corrective & Preventive Maintenance related to Computer Viruses, Network Viruses & Network Security Policy related to virus infiltration
    • On-line server Management and monitoring
    • Data Backup Services
    • Telephone Support to solve minor issues
    • Expert advice on Network setup and workstation/server setup
    • Special Discount on spare parts
    • Special Discount on new supply orders and/or consumables
  • Off-site Limited Service Agreement
    • Service of bringing equipments to LIBERTY COMPUTER SYSTEM Workshop
    • Priority in repairs queue
    • Delivery of repaired items to your doorstep
    • Special Discounts on Parts/consumables
    • Service charges covered under AMC; hence no repetitive service charges
  • A La carte Menu of options to choose for Custom made AMC:
  • Full Support (24 x 7): A Standby engineer for quick response for companies who are working in shifts; even in nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Working Hours Support: For companies operating in standard office hours i.e. 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Limited Visits Support: In this option, we cap maximum number of visits per month or per year for cost cutting in favor of our customers.
  • Resident Engineer Support: We offer you services of our Engineer for fixed number of hours per day to be in your office/factory to solve all your computer hardware/software related issues.

Key Benefits of having Annual Maintenance Contract:

  • During AMC we do all kind of Preventive Maintenance to keep your computer hardware & peripherals free of any faults and/or potential failures. This helps you cut your cost by minimizing the system outage time.
  • AMC improves performance of your system eventually adding to the productivity of staff. Hence, increasing your profitability.
  • AMC would increase the life of computer peripherals resulting in reduction of repetitive replacement costs and outage.
  • Safety of invaluable Data: Financial data is of immense importance for you. Being in AMC cover; we care your data most delicately. Make sure all guards are in place to protect business data free from any viruses, malwares, spywares, adware, and free from possible hard disc crash; which can cause huge losses to your business.
  • Warranties & Claims: During AMC we keep a complete track of warranties of your newly purchased products and offer you best advices about your claims from the original equipment manufacturers. We offer you support to get those claims in quick time using our dealer network.
  • Special Exchange offers for replacement of faulty computer peripherals at very special rates exclusively for our AMC customers.
  • Special Discounts on Spare Parts, Consumables like ink cartridges, continuous stationary, miscellaneous accessories like: USB drives, headphones, card readers, webcams, etc. Exclusively for our AMC customers.

Important points we consider for calculating price of AMC:

  • Number of Computers
  • Number of Printers
  • Number of Server(s)
  • Any Other equipments to be covered in AMC
  • Expected number of visits (per week / per month)
  • Working Hours (at what time visit is expected).
  • Response Time

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We do have flexible payment offers depending on pricing of the AMC

You can try our services by having a Trial Maintenance Contract of as short as 1 month or say 3 months before you decide to buy our AMC.

Given an opportunity, we shall be more than glad to work out a Special Custom-made AMC Package Specially Designed for your specific requirements as per your guidelines.

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