Structured Cabling Companies in Dubai

Structured Cabling Companies in Dubai

We provide comprehensive network structured cabling solutions for your existing office, warehouse, factory, hotel or home. Liberty Computer has been providing unparalleled structured cabling solutions in Dubai, Sharjah and across UAE, specialized in superior quality network products. 24x7 connectivity.

In addition to networking services, we offer a wide range of Quality Networking Products for both type of Networks (i.e. Wired Network and Wireless Network)

  • Print Servers
  • Ethernet Media Converters
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Ethernet USB Adapters
  • Enterprise Routers
  • 3G Routers
  • VPN Broadband Routers
  • ADSL2+ Modems
  • Ethernet Network Cards PCI
  • Ethernet PCMCIA/Card Bus
  • RJ45 CAT5 Network Patch Cable
  • RJ45 Network Cable Extension Coupler
  • USB Wireless Network Adapter
  • Storage Works Networking Products & Solutions
  • Pro-Liant Networking

Wired Networks

  • Data Points
  • Telephone Points
  • AV Cablings
  • Security Camera Cabling
  • Printer Server Setup & Cabling
  • Local Area Network Setup
  • Wider Area Network Setup
  • Virtual Networking
  • Network Based Data Backup & remote storage setup
  • File Transfer and Network Communications setup
  • Firewall, IP Setup and Network Security
Wireless Networks
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Wireless Data & Print Sharing
  • Router Connectivity
  • Hot Spot
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Remote Access & Monitoring
  • VPN
  • Wireless Campus Solutions
  • Range Extending Solutions
  • Static / Dynamic IP issues solutions
  • Wireless network security solutions

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